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Kensington – Debut Award Winners

Well.. we weren’t expecting that! Not only was the show amazing, we met LOADS of lovely people and had many instances of The Face (where people get that slow “Whoooaaaaa” smile when they look at it – never get tired of that!) we were awarded the Best Debut from the show organisers! Thats a MASSIVE confidence boost, and as it comes with a free table at a future show, it REALLY helps out while we’re so new.

We met KDH royalty in Caroline Hamilton, who founded the show 40 years ago and attended both days as well as friends old and new. This is the first time we’ve really felt like PROPER miniaturists. Thank you to everyone for all your support!

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As you may know, Phil retired on 29th of April. His retirement is a loss to the hobby, but I hope you join me in wishing him well.
His last working week was spent training me in his ways. I also have the glass and tools that he was using to make his beautiful glass pieces. I’m a little behind – hes got nearly 40 years on me – but I’m producing wares that are recognisably higher quality than I was able to make completely by hand. I won’t be replicating his catalogue, but if you have lost a piece and need it re-making I can do this. Other than that.. watch out hobby, I’m coming in!