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To everyone who has supported me at Miniatura, York and most recently Kensington, COLOSSAL thank you! Ever sale, every comment, every happy face at my stand.. it all means SO MUCH! Every Instagram like, all your messages of support and sales here on my website and through Etsy all keep me going.

I’m hoping to list everything I have left from the 2023 shows on the website Soon(tm) hopefully over the next couple of weeks, and then work out a proper process to ensure that stuff that comes off my torch gets listed – either keep an eye here or follow me on Instagram @entrancedglass

I’m always beyond delighted to receive commissions – I do not charge extra! Drop me a message through the Contact form

My 2024 starts with Stafford on Jan 12th – I’m going to get a calendar plugin for the website.. maybe then I can keep track myself! I’ll be at most of the MGM shows as well as both Miniatura and both Kensington (assuming they’ll have me back..), thinking about Leeds and while York is a long, LONG way I’m going to do my best to get there too